Christ Is King! 

This Sunday, don’t miss the opportunity to make Christ the King of your lives. When you go to Mass, make every effort to enter into the celebration by listening intently to every Mass part and reading. 


Jesus, you are King of the universe. I invite you to be King of every little detail of my life. Jesus, King of all, I trust in you!



Wow! We were blown away by all the amazing entries for the annual All Saints Day Coloring Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. We loved seeing your colored masterpieces. 

Here are the winners for each age category, as well as the runner-up winners. 


3-5 year olds - Elizabeth E.

6-8 year olds - Micah F.

9-12 year olds - Claire L. 

And because we simply couldn't pick just one winner... here are the runner-ups! 

3-5 year olds - Jude R. 

6-8 year olds - Leah W. 

9-12 year olds - Lena L. 

All Saints Day is around the corner. As parents and teachers, it is so important that you continue sharing saint stories with your kids. Introduce the saints as heroes and friends who are there to help your kids on their journey through life. 

"What we allow our kids to watch often determines who their heroes will be."

All Saints Day is a great opportunity to create an environment of encounter for our kids. We don't have to walk this journey of faith alone, so let us follow in the footsteps of our Heavenly friends who desire nothing more than to lead us ever closer to Christ. 


Many years ago, when I was barely tall enough to see over the edge of the kitchen counter, I remember my mom setting out a special saint display every month. One, in particular, stands out in my memory, and it was to celebrate the feast of St.Therese. I can still picture the corner of the kitchen where there sat a small plastic statue of Therese and a poster where I wrote her name with a pink marker. Plastic red roses were scattered around the statue and there were a couple saint books open to the page with her story. The St. Therese display stayed on the counter for most of the month as a constant reminder that we had a special friend in Heaven who was praying for us. 

Thanks to all those who entered the St. Joseph Coloring Contest this year. We received so many awesome entries! Here are the winning masterpieces.

st joseph coloring contest winners 01


In our home we try to keep Good Friday as a day of silence and prayer, free from electronics and other media. Here are 10 ideas you can do to help keep your kids focused on the meaning of this important day. 


The Easter Triduum was always something we looked forward to as kids. Mom and Dad did a great job of instilling traditions that helped us enter into the spirit of Holy Week and grow in our faith and love for Christ. 

We want to share a few of our Triduum traditions and provide a few free resources that you can do with your kids. 


It’s that time of year again. Lent is a time where we become more intentional, less concerned about ourselves, and more willing to reach out to others. It may involve stepping out of our comfort zones, but that’s not usually a bad thing. Forty days is the perfect amount of time to form good habits that may stick with you for the rest of your life.

October 2nd marks the memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels. Here are a few fun ways to celebrate this feast with your family or the kids in your classroom. 

Fun Facts:

  • This feast day has been part of the Church's calendar since 1615.
  • The word "angel" means messenger. 
  • Our guardian angel is always with us and is said to accompany our souls to heaven when we die. 


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