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Dear Cat.Chat friends,

Our blog today is a letter I received from a dear friend and holy priest, Fr. Clair Watrin.

He is getting older and was asked to retire from active priesthood a few years ago. This was a very difficult time for him and for everyone who knew him. He was an extremely active pastor with a heart for evangelization and love for everyone he met. He was also the founder of a powerful movement called the “Live In."

Fr. Clair is still inspiring people to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. What Fr. Clair has to say in this letter helps us put into perspective that we are not immune to suffering. It’s a part of life. It’s not so much what happens to us that matters but how we choose to respond to these unforeseen circumstances. At the end of his letter, Fr. Clair shares a scripture verse that has helped him through difficult times claiming that it has also radically changed his life.

After reading his letter, watch the video at the end. The video is designed to help imprint the scripture verse in our minds and hearts, making it part of our daily lives.

In Christ,

Gerald Montpetit

Co-Founder Cat.Chat Productions

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 Kids in adoration 2


For a lot of us who work in ministry, we are constantly trying to find the best way to reach the most amount of people and make the biggest impact. We work very hard at growing our events and programs so that people can encounter Christ. We understand that prayer is an essential element to this great mission, but we need to ask ourselves; do we spend the same amount of time trying to grow our prayer ministry as we do growing our events?

Super hero saints

Every child needs a hero that they can look up to. This is made evident in a culture that can’t get enough of Marvel superheroes and Paw Patrol. As parents and teachers, we need to remember that what we allow our kids to watch often determines who their heroes will be. Keep reminding them of the heroic lives of the saints and the way that they helped save the world for God! Put up saint posters in their room, celebrate feast days, and read stories of the saints before bed. Give your children examples of men and women of faith that will truly amaze and inspire them.

We put together fun facts for 5 incredible saints that you can share with your kids!

Kids Having Fun

Scroll down to read and listen to 4 inspiring stories that share how Cat.Chat has helped families, parishes, and schools make the Catholic Faith come alive.

Please leave us a comment on how Cat.Chat has impacted you and your family.


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 Finish line

Congratulations parents! It was another great year of VBS. Both you and your kids might be a little tired from the week, but everyone is smiling with hearts full of wonderful new memories. We all know that VBS is a lot of fun, but if it was just about fun, then you could've sent your kids to a circus camp instead. There's something that we often overlook about VBS that makes it unique...

It is meant to give kids the opportunity to learn more about their Catholic faith and continue fostering a relationship with Jesus. VBS is meant to be a kickstarter, and then the torch gets passed to you. We are living in a time when we need to be intentional about teaching our kids the faith. Our culture is becoming increasingly secular, and if we want them to know more about God, then they also need to hear it at home with their family.

Here are 3 simple steps to help make that happen:


Travel tips picture


After travelling over 150,000 miles with a family over the past 13 years, we’ve learned a few things about what life is like on the road. It can be difficult travelling with young kids, but we truly believe it is one of the best experiences you can share as a family.

Although we typically travelled in a motorhome and not a car, these are 10 tips that we believe are important, regardless of what wheels you’re driving.


superhero team

You are a superhero. We should really think about mailing you a flashy red cape. The fact that you’ve accepted the mission to help kids grow in their faith is truly heroic. However, it’s a well- known fact that even superheroes can’t do things alone. Everyone needs a team, and without those faithful friends and family, you may not fly as high. Who’s on your team: energetic youth, eager parents, and even excited grandparents? These are the kinds of people that you will want to include on this great adventure, but how can you effectively lead them?

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 Serra Family small

My husband, RJ, and I are different in many ways. When we’re in a restaurant, RJ will order the most adventurous food on the menu, while I tend to want a dish that I’ve tried before. When we’re travelling, RJ wants to see all the exciting places, while I prefer to stay in the hotel and relax. Though we are opposite in many ways, RJ and I share the same passion when it comes to our faith. Clearly spelled out in our vision, my husband and I have an intense desire to raise our children for heaven.

 Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth

As we begin our journey through the month of May, I think it’s important for us to start with our Blessed Mother. One of the best ways to build a relationship with Mary is by consecrating ourselves to her. You may have already done this before, or perhaps you’ve heard of it, but never understood the need. Regardless of your initial thoughts, I’m here to let you know that it just might be the thing you’ve been looking for to rocket launch your spiritual life to a whole new level.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary.

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