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My husband, RJ, and I are different in many ways. When we’re in a restaurant, RJ will order the most adventurous food on the menu, while I tend to want a dish that I’ve tried before. When we’re travelling, RJ wants to see all the exciting places, while I prefer to stay in the hotel and relax. Though we are opposite in many ways, RJ and I share the same passion when it comes to our faith. Clearly spelled out in our vision, my husband and I have an intense desire to raise our children for heaven.

 Mary Queen of Heaven and Earth

As we begin our journey through the month of May, I think it’s important for us to start with our Blessed Mother. One of the best ways to build a relationship with Mary is by consecrating ourselves to her. You may have already done this before, or perhaps you’ve heard of it, but never understood the need. Regardless of your initial thoughts, I’m here to let you know that it just might be the thing you’ve been looking for to rocket launch your spiritual life to a whole new level.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider consecrating yourself to Jesus through Mary.

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Joyfilled Easter

Is there anything more contagious than the laughter of a child? The sound of their pure joy and innocence reminds us of a time when life was simple and carefree. We have a lot to learn from kids.

Somewhere along the line, we lost our ability to see the world as a big, wonderful adventure. Being a responsible adult does not mean we have to sacrifice our sense of wonder and innocence. What can we do to return to that childlike spirit of joy that we had so many years ago?

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10 Minute Family Prayer Reflection 

Every day, receive a scripture, reflection, and exclusive content for you and your family during this Holy Week. Take this time to grow closer to Christ and to each other.

teaching kids how to pray blog picture

One of the most important things you can do as a parent, teacher, or faith leader is teach your kids how to pray. Prayer provides an opportunity for kids to encounter Christ wherever they are. Take the time to teach your kids about the importance of prayer and how they can incorporate it in their day. Provide them with some of the tools and the knowledge that they need to be able to have a strong foundation for when they want to pray on their own.

Here are 6 tips to help you do that.

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We’re Catholics. We all know who Mary is. I mean, we see her statue in the corner of every Catholic Church from Alaska to Madagascar; we know the little group of faithful ladies who arrive at Mass a half hour early to pray with their rosary beads; and it’s not uncommon to see Our Lady of Guadalupe tattooed on someone’s arm or bedazzled on their t-shirt. But what on earth does that have to do with us? Who is this special woman who’s sparked such intense devotion and controversy across the globe? Is there more to Our Lady than little silver medals and plastic nativity scenes?


During Pope Francis’ address on the eve of Divine Mercy Sunday, he shared with us an idea of his that I believe is important for all of us to implement in one way or another.  Although he is speaking specifically to dioceses around the world, I think it poses a special challenge for families and communities as well.


It’s hard to remember a time when we weren’t in this desert. Something about these 40 days always makes it seem more like 40 weeks. But now we've reached the point in our Lenten journey when we're finally able to catch a glimpse of the Easter light at the end of the tunnel. So how do we remain faithful to our Lenten commitments in these last days before Holy Week? What's the point of persevering if it feels like we’ve spent more time failing then succeeding? Why should we even bother? It's almost over, right?


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