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Digital VBS Music Day 1 Sample!

Kids and families can have easy online access to all the VBS Music, Action Song Videos, Bible Verse Videos, printable coloring pages and activities from one convenient platform.

This is the perfect addition to your Cat.Chat VBS program!


Your Digital VBS Music includes:

10 VBS songs to stream from any device anywhere/anytime

A daily Action Song Video kids can watch, sing and dance along to

A Bible Verse Music Video to help kids learn and memorize God's Word 

Printable faith, craft, snack and game activities

A daily Saint story and coloring page

Connection questions to spark meaningful conversations with kids

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Theme: The Mass is a MYSTERY that Jesus wants us to learn more about.

Virtue: Patience (the ability to wait without grumbling or complaining)


 Sing along to these catchy VBS Songs



Sing and dance along with this Action Song Video


We challenge you to memorize this Bible Verse of the Day: John 6:56

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Read the Saint story with your child and have them color the picture below

St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan of Arc grew up on a farm in France with her family and often went to a nearby chapel to pray.

God called her to do many things that required great patience.

When she was 13, she began having visions and messages from St. Michael the Archangel and a few other saints.

When Joan was 17, she heard God calling her to lead the French army against the invading English soldiers.

Joan’s total trust and faith in God permitted her to lead the French army to VICTORY!

At 18, she was captured by the English, and her king and people did nothing to save her!

She spent 9 months in prison while enduring trials, public ridicule and threats of torture.

She was martyred at 19 - burned alive at the stake. She died looking at a crucifix and crying out “Jesus, Jesus”.

With patient endurance, her trust and love for God stayed strong to the end.

St. Joan of Arc, Pray for us.

St. Joan of Arc coloring page

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Connection Questions:

What is the great Mystery of the Mass? (When the bread and wine becomes the real presence of Jesus’ Body and Blood.)

Why is it important to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist? (answers will vary: so we can talk with Him, to give him thanks and praise for giving us life, He can give us strength, He can speak to our hearts, He loves it when we spend time with Him,etc.)


Closing Prayer 

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus, help us to enter into the mystery of Your Holy Mass and to appreciate what you did for us by dying on the cross. We give you praise and thanks for giving us life. Amen.




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