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Wilderness getting started titles 36


  • We have provided you with a few craft options to choose from each day. Read through each of the daily lessons and select the crafts that would be suitable for your budget and the appropriate age of your participants. 
  • Ask your VBS director for the username and password to access all of the craft files. 
  • Be sure to order your craft supplies weeks in advance to allow for adequate shipping time. 
  • Check dollar stores or online craft stores for supplies at a reasonable price. Many of the crafts are available at orientaltrading.com.
  • Ask volunteers to help you make the daily craft samples.
  • Download the craft station poster and print a few copies to post in the craft area.
  • Remember to set up enough craft tables for your station. Have a few extra tables to store your supplies and allow drying time for some of the children’s crafts. 
  • Cover all the tables with white or brown paper. This will allow for easier clean up. 
  • Print saint coloring pages and extra coloring activities for kids to do when they’ve finished their main craft.
  • Keep wet wipes available for sticky or messy hands.
  • Play Cat.Chat VBS music while the kids are doing their crafts.
  • Set up a display table in the Main Assembly to feature some of the crafts of the week.
  • Changing stations every 25 minutes may be challenging for younger children. Give the children a 5 minute signal before they move on to the next station.


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