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  • Review and prepare your materials for each lesson. We have provided you with several faith activities to choose from each day. Select the ones that best suit your needs and the ages of the children. 
  • Choose a quiet, enclosed room for the faith station. This will minimize distractions and help the children to focus on the lessons. For something fun on the last day, set up a large fort using blankets and have the kids sit on sleeping bags.
  • Talk to the director to ensure that each child will receive a VBS saint card as one of their daily take home items. The group leaders can distribute them at the end of the day. 
  • Purchase a set of Cat.Chat VBS Saint Posters to feature the saint of the day. 
  • If the group sizes are larger than 15 to 20 kids, we recommend setting up two faith stations in two separate rooms, running at the same time. This will allow for a more intimate faith lesson for both the leader and the kids. Simply divide the kids into two groups and have a second faith leader to run the other station. 
  • If you are hoping to cover the majority of the content in each lesson, be sure to keep the teachings brief and the questions flowing by asking a response from only one or two children. 
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you so that you will do the best you can in teaching kids about the sacraments.
  • We have suggested story books that suit the theme of this program. If you choose not to read the books as a faith activity, propose the idea to the snack leader to read to the younger kids during snack time. (You can order them from Amazon or christianbook.com.)

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