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MY VBS Wilderness helpful hints 35


  • The games are designed for all ages, unless otherwise specified. Select two to three games each day that best suit your needs. (consider group sizes, outdoor vs indoor, etc.) 
  • Use masking tape, rope, plastic orange safety cones to establish start and finish lines and for marking boundaries in your games area. Gather sleeping bags from thrift stores for kids to sit on as you explain a game. 
  • Store your supplies close to the activity area for easy set-up and clean up each day.
  • Make sure a first aid survival kit, as well as water and cups are available at your station. 
  • Give Wilderness Cards as a reward for winning a game, participating in activities, etc. Children can redeem the tickets for cool prizes at your games station and/or at the closing party.
  • Set up a prize table at your games station with small wilderness themed toy and candy prizes: gummy worms, blue whales, green frogs, bear gummies, Swedish Berries, spearmint leaves and chocolate raisins as bear poop.
  • On Day 5, you can repeat a few favorite games of the week, or rent a bouncy castle.
  • Greet the kids with big happy smiles and get to know them by name.
  • In order to get the kids attention, you can say, “We’re going on...” the children will respond, “A Wilderness Adventure!”


When presenting a game:

  1. Name the game and briefly share the theme connection. 
  2. Explain the game rules using clear and precise instructions. 
  3. Do a demonstration of the game with some of your games leaders. 
  4. Get the groups in desired formation.
  5. Ask if anyone has questions, then begin playing the game.
  6. Stop the game when necessary to clarify rules or correct misunderstandings. 
  7. Have fun and encourage good sportsmanship!