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Helpful Hints

  • Music is a key aspect of your VBS. It will bring life to the children and energize your entire week. It’s important that you practice all the action songs and become familiar with the lyrics. The more confident you are with the songs, the easier it is to lead the kids with energy and enthusiasm!
  • Teenagers are an awesome addition to the music team. Kids love to be led by energetic youth! The teens can get involved by playing guitar, piano, or drums and help lead action songs.
  • The program includes CDs and DVDs of all the VBS music and videos. Be sure to ask your VBS director for copies or get the password to download or stream the videos and music.
  • Ask someone who is tech savvy to help you run the sound and video equipment. If your parish does not have a projector screen and/or staging, it is highly recommended to borrow or rent one. It enhances better viewing and it will give your music station a “concert feel”. The kids will certainly enjoy an opportunity to be on stage.
  • Choose a large, open area for the music station to allow plenty of room for action songs. You may decide to use the main assembly area as it will already be set up for music and videos.
  • Play the Daily Bible Verse Song Videos. The kids can sit down to watch and sing- along. This will give them an opportunity to take a break between the Action Song Videos. The kids may also be watching the Bible Verse videos in the faith station, but repetition is a good idea to help remember scripture.
  • There is a Music Station poster available to download. Print color copies to post in your music station.
  • Choose which song to play at the opening and closing assembly each day. It is recommended to repeat the theme song Hike of My Life a few times throughout the week.
  • In the last 5-10 minutes with each group, give kids an opportunity to help lead the action songs. If time allows, play one of the extra fun music games/activities that are found at the back of this guide.
  • Give a Cat.Chat VBS Music CD or DVD to all of your music leaders so they can become familiar with the songs before VBS. Prepare the children to sing and perform action songs at the Wilderness Party. Select a couple of the kids’ favorite VBS songs of the week.
  • We encourage you to purchase a copy of the Wilderness Adventure Music CD and/or Action Song DVD for each family. It is a great way for the kids to be able to take their VBS experience home with them. 


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Brand New Digital Resource For Your Parish

So often, kids have an amazing faith experience at their parish Vacation Bible School, but it doesn’t carry forward into their home.  

We've made it easy for you to bring your parish VBS experience into the home.

Kids and families will have easy access to all the VBS music, Action Song Videos, Bible Memory songs, printable coloring pages and activities from one convenient online platform.

The At Home VBS is the perfect addition to your Cat.Chat VBS program. It's easy-to-use, affordable and the amazing thing: it doesn't expire!  

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Due to copyright legislation, “burning” copies of the Cat.Chat VBS Music CD or DVD is NOT permitted.


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