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Music Leader and Team Responsibilities

Prior to VBS:

  • Read through this guide and become familiar with the songs.
  • Write down any questions you may have to ask the VBS director.
  • Help recruit volunteers to be a part of your music team.
  • Attend the VBS training session.
  • Plan and prepare your station. Print the Music Station poster and post it at your station.
  • Set up the audio and video equipment to watch the Action Song videos and Bible Verse videos.
  • Ask the VBS director for the password to access to the digital music, videos, sheet music and printables.
  • Practice the action songs.

Each day of VBS:

  • Pray and offer up each VBS day to God.
  • Attend the opening assembly and lead the kids in an opening song.
  • Have fun and smile; it’s contagious!
  • Direct each group of children through your station.
  • Attend the closing assembly and lead the kids in a closing song.

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