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Day 1

Bap and Tism

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- Bap (Clown 1) 

- Tism (Clown 2)



- Two clown outfits

- Watch

- Table

Box with the following props: 

- Large bowl and bottle of water

- Hand towel and large white towel

- Bottle of Holy Oil

- Battery operated candle

- Donut and a party horn 


Bap: Enters, looking at his watch and addressing the audience with fun and excitement. 

Good morning, everyone! My name is Bap and this morning, my helper Tism and I are going to demonstrate what happens in the Sacrament of Baptism (glances at watch again) except that Tism is late, and he promised to bring my props!

Tism: Enters, carrying props in a box. Here I am! 

Bap: Looks slightly upset. Where have you been? 

Tism: I was hungry and stopped at the donut shop and yes… I saved you one!

Bap: Great! Where is it?

Tism: Oops! I think it’s somewhere in this box. Places the box on the table and starts searching through it.

Bap: With a funny look. Gee, thanks! Let me look inside. Moves Tism aside. Hey, look what I found! Takes out a bowl and a bottle of water from the box.

Tism: What are you going to do with a bowl and some water?

Bap: It’s just what I need to show these wonderful kids what happens at Baptism. Can you help me out, Tism?

Tism: Sure, Bap! (eagerly) I’m here to help! 

Bap: Puts bowl on table. Can you hang your head over this bowl? 

Tism: Sure, whatever you say, Bap! 

Bap: Pours water over Tism’s forehead, over the bowl.

Tism: Acts surprised. Hey, what was that for?

Bap: Well, at Baptism, a priest pours holy water 3 times on the forehead of the person being baptized saying “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Passes a hand towel to Tism.

Tism: Wipes forehead. Why do they use water?

Bap: Water is used during the sacrament of Baptism because it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Water is a sign that all your sins are washed away. You become a new person in Christ, fresh and clean. And there’s something else... Searches in box for bottle of special holy oil. Found it! The special oil! 

Tism: (surprised) Oil! You’re not going to dump oil on my head, are you?

Bap: No, but I will anoint you with this special holy oil to show these great kids, that the person who is being baptized receives a blessing that gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and the necessary graces to live a Christian life. 

Tism: Closes his eyes and receives a blessing from Bap. 

Bap: Make the Sign of the Cross on Tism’s forehead with oil. The Word “Christian” comes from the name of “Christ” which means “Anointed One.” 

Tism: Wow! That’s cool! What’s next?

Bap: This! Snoops in box and finds a white towel and throws it over Tism’s head.

Tism: Keeps towel over head. Hey, what’s that for?

Bap: In Baptism, you are clothed in Christ. The white garment /towel represents putting on Christ. 

Tism: Removes towel from head. Oh! I see. 

Bap: Grabs a candle from the box. Receive the light of Christ. Hands candle to Tism.      Having been enlightened by Christ, you are to always walk as a child of the light. 

Tism: Walks around having fun, with candle in hand. I am a child with the light of Christ.

Bap: Yes…You are a new person in Christ!

Tism: Jumps up and down having fun. Let’s celebrate, Bap! 

Bap: Tism, what a great idea! Looks in box and finds a squished donut. Let’s go get more donuts. Blows party horn as they exit.


Day 2

The Ultimate

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Jerome (main character) 

David (main character)

4 friends 


- Hockey stick

- 4 party hats

- 4 party horns


Jerome: Hey, David! So, how was that Catholic retreat you went to last weekend?

David: It was awesome! Jesus really touched my heart and I truly discovered what the Ultimate is!

Jerome: (A bit confused) The Ultimate?

David: You don’t know what the Ultimate is?

Jerome: No, not really.

David: Well, don’t be fooled. Some people think that the Ultimate is the coolest game on earth. Grabs hockey stick and pretends to shoot at a hockey net. He shoots, he scores! But, that’s not the Ultimate.

Jerome: It’s not?

David: Nope! There are others who think that the Ultimate is a bunch of friends coming over for the biggest surprise birthday bash ever!

Friends: Jump out wearing birthday party hats, party horns and sing with lots of enthusiasm. Surprise! This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long, hey! Friends exit.

David: But, that’s not the Ultimate!

Jerome: It isn’t?

David: No! And there are even some who think that the Ultimate might be the Wildest Roller Coaster Ride at Pumpkin Pete’s Amusement Park! 

Friends: Same friends come on the scene pretending to be on a rollercoaster. Line up one behind the other by holding onto each other’s shoulders, yelling and having fun. Exit the scene.

David: But, that’s not the Ultimate!

Jerome: Wow, David! All those things sound amazing! So tell me, what is the Ultimate?

David: (Sincerely) Well, the Ultimate is JESUS! Experiencing Jesus intimately and personally in the Eucharist is incredible. 

Jerome: That does sound incredible!

David: It sure is! Jesus in the Eucharist is the Ultimate and from now on, when I go to Mass, I’m going to have an attitude of gratitude. 

Jerome: Gives a hi-five to David. Thanks David, you’re the best! Both exit scene.

The End. 


Day 3

A Short Film about the Holy Spirit 

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Movie Director (main character) 

Actor or actress (main character)




  • Tall stool
  • Chair and table
  • Clipboard and pen
  • Ruler 
  • Hand mirror and hairbrush 
  • Phone
  • Backpack
  • Crucifix and Bible


Director: Sits on stool and explains to actor. I want you to understand that we are making this very important short film about the Holy Spirit, so that Catholics around the world can understand what God expects of us after we receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Are you ready to start? 

Actor: Sitting on a chair. Yeah, I think so! 

Director: Looks at videographer and points to the camera. Are you ready to roll?

Videographer: Holds up camera. Ready when you are! 

Director: Explains to actor. Okay, so you just received the sacrament of Confirmation last weekend and you are getting ready for another day of school. With lots of energy and enthusiasm. Okay, here we go. Opening scene, take 1! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits on chair, grabs hand mirror from table, looks into it. Yikes! Combs hair and says in vanity. Now, that’s better. Boy, do I ever look good. Puts mirror down, stands up, looks at watch. Gee, I gotta catch the bus in 5 minutes. No time for breakfast or for prayer. Grabs backpack, puts his hand on his head. Uh oh… I didn’t get my homework done last night. Shrugs shoulders. Oh, well, what’s new? 

Director: Interrupts and jumps out of chair. Cut! Cut! Pauses and shakes head. Not quite what I had in mind.  You’ve just received the sacrament of Confirmation! The Holy Spirit is in you! You just gotta tap in. Knock on the table. At Confirmation, you were given gifts and it’s up to you to recognize and use these gifts everyday. Can we try this again?

Actor: Yeah, no problem.

Director: Gets excited and sits back on the stool. Okay, camera rolling. Opening scene, take 2! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits on chair, grabs necklace. Well, I can probably wear this crucifix I got from my Godparents for Confirmation. Grabs phone. And I’m really enjoying this great gift I got from my parents. I’m going to use this a lot.

Director: Cut! Cut! Okay, not quite the same kinda gifts I had in mind. What about some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit you received in the sacrament of Confirmation? Like the gift of Wisdom to make decisions based on God and what about the gift of Courage to face the challenges of everyday and how about the gift of Wonder and Awe to recognize the greatness and power of God around you.

Actor: Ooohhh... okay. I think I got it this time. Holy Spirit! Right!

Director: Okay, camera rolling again. Opening scene, take 3! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits in chair and grabs Bible. Opens it up and flips pages and reads out loud the scripture from John 14:26. “The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything (okay, I like that) and make you remember all that I have told you.”

Makes the sign of the cross and prays. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit! Be my helper and my guide. Help me in school, on the soccer field, with my friends, in my decisions, in everything. Grant me wisdom and courage to stand up for what is right! Amen! Closes with the sign of the cross.

Actor: Gets up from chair, picks up backpack, walks off scene and cheers. Woo hoo! This is going to be a great day! 

Director: And cut! That’s a take! Good job! I think we’ve got what it takes!

The End.


Day 4

Doctor, Doctor 

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Doctor (main character) 

Patient (main character)




  • Clipboard
  • Doctor’s white coat and stethoscope
  • Table
  • Business card and cell phone


Patient: Walks in to doctor’s office.

Receptionist: Hello. Your name please?

Patient: Mr. (or Mrs.) Needshealing 

Receptionist: Looks at her clipboard. Yes. You’re right on time. Dr. Physical will be happy to see you. You can go right on in. 

Doctor: Hello. How are you doing?

Patient: Well, actually not too well. I haven’t been feeling good these last few months. I’ve been feeling very grouchy, I get angry, I overeat sometimes, I’m never satisfied, I’m feeling lazy, and I’m just not very happy. 

Doctor: Oh, I see. Pause. Well, let’s see if I can help. You can get up on this table and I’ll start by checking your blood pressure. Checks blood pressure. Your blood pressure is excellent. Okay let’s check your heart rate. Checks pulse at wrist. Your heart rate is very good. Let’s check your reflexes. Checks reflex at both knees. Reflexes are good. Looks into eyes. Your eyes look great. Open wide. Checks throat. Your throat looks good too. Well, I’d have to say you are in great shape physically, but I think I might know what your problem is.

Patient: You do?

Doctor: Yes. It appears that you might need to see a specialist.

Patient: A specialist? 

Doctor: Yes, a specialist for your soul. Father Frank over at the Catholic Church down the block would be more than happy to help you. I refer my patients to him all the time. Father anoints those who are really sick and dying with holy oil and blesses them in the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. 

Patient: (A little panicky) Doctor, Doctor! Am I dying?

Doctor: Of course you’re not, Mr. (or Mrs.) Needshealing. But, I do believe you are in need of the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Patient: I’ve heard about that. Is that when people go to see a priest to confess the bad things they’ve done in their life?

Doctor: Yes. In this special sacrament, you bring all the icky sins of your life, and confess them to a priest, who actually sits in the place of Jesus. Then, God does something miraculous.

Patient: He does? 

Doctor: God completely wipes away your sins and gives you the gift of a special grace in your soul. You’ll be filled with peace and you’ll experience a sense of freedom and joy again.

Patient: Says with excitement. Gee Doctor, that sounds like something I really need.

Doctor: (cheerfully) Here’s Father Frank’s card. I’d give him a call, as soon as you can. He’s always willing to hear people’s confessions.

Patient: Gets off the table. Thanks, Doctor. I’ll do that right away. Grabs cell phone out of his pocket and dials the number while exiting. 

Doctor: Looks up to God and gives Him two thumbs up!

The End


Day 5

God’s Calling

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Young Luke (ballcap)

Young Jenny (pigtails and dress)

Older Luke

Older Jenny

Voice for Luke’s Mom



  • Doll
  • Toy truck
  • 2 Signs (“25 years later” and “What is God calling you to do?”)
  • Nun costume


Jenny and Luke play with their toys throughout the entire conversation. 

Jenny: Hey, Luke. I’m glad you could come over and play. I can share my dolly with you. 

Luke: No thanks, Jenny. Do you have any trucks I can play with?

Jenny: Yeah, I have this one that I used to play with in my sandbox. Hands truck to Luke.

Luke: Gee, thanks!

Jenny: So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Luke: I don’t know. Maybe a police.

Jenny: Did you say a priest? 

Luke: No!  I said a po-lice. Make a police car siren noise.

Jenny: Oh, well maybe God wants you to be priest someday, just like Father Peter. I think you’d be a cool priest. You’re lots of fun and you’d make the people in church laugh.

Luke: I don’t know. Maybe.

Jenny: Can you guess what I wanna be when I grow up?

Luke: A teacher?

Jenny: No, I wanna be a mom, just like my mom. She’s awesome! And I wanna marry someone just like my daddy. You know, my mom and dad love each other.

Luke: They do?

Jenny: Yeah, they kiss each other a lot, and they go out on dates, and my daddy buys my mom flowers, and they hold hands and they pray together, too.

Luke: That’s cool. I’ve never seen my mom and dad pray.

Jenny: Well, you should tell them to pray because it will help them love each other more. And, you should pray for your mom and dad, too. 

Luke: Ya, that’s a good idea Jenny.

Luke’s mom: Voice in background. Luke! Luke! It’s time to go now! Say bye to Jenny.

Luke: Bye, Jenny.

Jenny: Bye, Luke. 

Someone carries a sign across the stage and reads it out loud for the audience: “25 years later.” 

Older Jenny (dressed in a nun costume) walks across the stage, while Older Luke walks across stage from opposite side and accidentally bumps into Jenny.

Jenny: Oh, I’m so sorry. Stops and pauses. Luke, is that you?

Luke: Jenny Anderson? Is that really you?

Jenny: It’s been so long? What have you been up to these past 25 years?

Luke: Well, I’m happily married with a lovely wife, 2 children and 1 more baby on the way. And what about you?

Jenny: Well, you never know what God can do when you’re open to His plan for your life. It’s a long story, but here I am. People now call me Sr. Teresa. I’ve never been so happy in all my life. I leave for Mexico next week to help teach some of the poor people who live there.

Luke: Wow Sr. Teresa! That’s great! So good to see you again. My family will be sure to pray for you in your mission and vocation.

Jenny: And, I’ll be sure to lift up your family in prayer. Say hi to your wife and kids for me. May God bless you! Both Jenny (Sr. Teresa) and Luke exit scene.

Someone carries a sign across the stage and reads it out loud for the audience. 

What is God calling you to do?

The End.


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