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Bap and Tism

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- Bap (Clown 1) 

- Tism (Clown 2)



- Two clown outfits

- Watch

- Table

Box with the following props: 

- Large bowl and bottle of water

- Hand towel and large white towel

- Bottle of Holy Oil

- Battery operated candle

- Donut and a party horn 


Bap: Enters, looking at his watch and addressing the audience with fun and excitement. 

Good morning, everyone! My name is Bap and this morning, my helper Tism and I are going to demonstrate what happens in the Sacrament of Baptism (glances at watch again) except that Tism is late, and he promised to bring my props!

Tism: Enters, carrying props in a box. Here I am! 

Bap: Looks slightly upset. Where have you been? 

Tism: I was hungry and stopped at the donut shop and yes… I saved you one!

Bap: Great! Where is it?

Tism: Oops! I think it’s somewhere in this box. Places the box on the table and starts searching through it.

Bap: With a funny look. Gee, thanks! Let me look inside. Moves Tism aside. Hey, look what I found! Takes out a bowl and a bottle of water from the box.

Tism: What are you going to do with a bowl and some water?

Bap: It’s just what I need to show these wonderful kids what happens at Baptism. Can you help me out, Tism?

Tism: Sure, Bap! (eagerly) I’m here to help! 

Bap: Puts bowl on table. Can you hang your head over this bowl? 

Tism: Sure, whatever you say, Bap! 

Bap: Pours water over Tism’s forehead, over the bowl.

Tism: Acts surprised. Hey, what was that for?

Bap: Well, at Baptism, a priest pours holy water 3 times on the forehead of the person being baptized saying “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Passes a hand towel to Tism.

Tism: Wipes forehead. Why do they use water?

Bap: Water is used during the sacrament of Baptism because it is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Water is a sign that all your sins are washed away. You become a new person in Christ, fresh and clean. And there’s something else... Searches in box for bottle of special holy oil. Found it! The special oil! 

Tism: (surprised) Oil! You’re not going to dump oil on my head, are you?

Bap: No, but I will anoint you with this special holy oil to show these great kids, that the person who is being baptized receives a blessing that gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit and the necessary graces to live a Christian life. 

Tism: Closes his eyes and receives a blessing from Bap. 

Bap: Make the Sign of the Cross on Tism’s forehead with oil. The Word “Christian” comes from the name of “Christ” which means “Anointed One.” 

Tism: Wow! That’s cool! What’s next?

Bap: This! Snoops in box and finds a white towel and throws it over Tism’s head.

Tism: Keeps towel over head. Hey, what’s that for?

Bap: In Baptism, you are clothed in Christ. The white garment /towel represents putting on Christ. 

Tism: Removes towel from head. Oh! I see. 

Bap: Grabs a candle from the box. Receive the light of Christ. Hands candle to Tism.      Having been enlightened by Christ, you are to always walk as a child of the light. 

Tism: Walks around having fun, with candle in hand. I am a child with the light of Christ.

Bap: Yes…You are a new person in Christ!

Tism: Jumps up and down having fun. Let’s celebrate, Bap! 

Bap: Tism, what a great idea! Looks in box and finds a squished donut. Let’s go get more donuts. Blows party horn as they exit.


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