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The Ultimate

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Jerome (main character) 

David (main character)

4 friends 


- Hockey stick

- 4 party hats

- 4 party horns


Jerome: Hey, David! So, how was that Catholic retreat you went to last weekend?

David: It was awesome! Jesus really touched my heart and I truly discovered what the Ultimate is!

Jerome: (A bit confused) The Ultimate?

David: You don’t know what the Ultimate is?

Jerome: No, not really.

David: Well, don’t be fooled. Some people think that the Ultimate is the coolest game on earth. Grabs hockey stick and pretends to shoot at a hockey net. He shoots, he scores! But, that’s not the Ultimate.

Jerome: It’s not?

David: Nope! There are others who think that the Ultimate is a bunch of friends coming over for the biggest surprise birthday bash ever!

Friends: Jump out wearing birthday party hats, party horns and sing with lots of enthusiasm. Surprise! This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long, hey! Friends exit.

David: But, that’s not the Ultimate!

Jerome: It isn’t?

David: No! And there are even some who think that the Ultimate might be the Wildest Roller Coaster Ride at Pumpkin Pete’s Amusement Park! 

Friends: Same friends come on the scene pretending to be on a rollercoaster. Line up one behind the other by holding onto each other’s shoulders, yelling and having fun. Exit the scene.

David: But, that’s not the Ultimate!

Jerome: Wow, David! All those things sound amazing! So tell me, what is the Ultimate?

David: (Sincerely) Well, the Ultimate is JESUS! Experiencing Jesus intimately and personally in the Eucharist is incredible. 

Jerome: That does sound incredible!

David: It sure is! Jesus in the Eucharist is the Ultimate and from now on, when I go to Mass, I’m going to have an attitude of gratitude. 

Jerome: Gives a hi-five to David. Thanks David, you’re the best! Both exit scene.

The End. 


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