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A Short Film about the Holy Spirit 

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Movie Director (main character) 

Actor or actress (main character)




  • Tall stool
  • Chair and table
  • Clipboard and pen
  • Ruler 
  • Hand mirror and hairbrush 
  • Phone
  • Backpack
  • Crucifix and Bible


Director: Sits on stool and explains to actor. I want you to understand that we are making this very important short film about the Holy Spirit, so that Catholics around the world can understand what God expects of us after we receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Are you ready to start? 

Actor: Sitting on a chair. Yeah, I think so! 

Director: Looks at videographer and points to the camera. Are you ready to roll?

Videographer: Holds up camera. Ready when you are! 

Director: Explains to actor. Okay, so you just received the sacrament of Confirmation last weekend and you are getting ready for another day of school. With lots of energy and enthusiasm. Okay, here we go. Opening scene, take 1! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits on chair, grabs hand mirror from table, looks into it. Yikes! Combs hair and says in vanity. Now, that’s better. Boy, do I ever look good. Puts mirror down, stands up, looks at watch. Gee, I gotta catch the bus in 5 minutes. No time for breakfast or for prayer. Grabs backpack, puts his hand on his head. Uh oh… I didn’t get my homework done last night. Shrugs shoulders. Oh, well, what’s new? 

Director: Interrupts and jumps out of chair. Cut! Cut! Pauses and shakes head. Not quite what I had in mind.  You’ve just received the sacrament of Confirmation! The Holy Spirit is in you! You just gotta tap in. Knock on the table. At Confirmation, you were given gifts and it’s up to you to recognize and use these gifts everyday. Can we try this again?

Actor: Yeah, no problem.

Director: Gets excited and sits back on the stool. Okay, camera rolling. Opening scene, take 2! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits on chair, grabs necklace. Well, I can probably wear this crucifix I got from my Godparents for Confirmation. Grabs phone. And I’m really enjoying this great gift I got from my parents. I’m going to use this a lot.

Director: Cut! Cut! Okay, not quite the same kinda gifts I had in mind. What about some of the gifts of the Holy Spirit you received in the sacrament of Confirmation? Like the gift of Wisdom to make decisions based on God and what about the gift of Courage to face the challenges of everyday and how about the gift of Wonder and Awe to recognize the greatness and power of God around you.

Actor: Ooohhh... okay. I think I got it this time. Holy Spirit! Right!

Director: Okay, camera rolling again. Opening scene, take 3! Slaps the ruler against the clipboard.

Actor: Sits in chair and grabs Bible. Opens it up and flips pages and reads out loud the scripture from John 14:26. “The Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything (okay, I like that) and make you remember all that I have told you.”

Makes the sign of the cross and prays. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Come, Holy Spirit! Be my helper and my guide. Help me in school, on the soccer field, with my friends, in my decisions, in everything. Grant me wisdom and courage to stand up for what is right! Amen! Closes with the sign of the cross.

Actor: Gets up from chair, picks up backpack, walks off scene and cheers. Woo hoo! This is going to be a great day! 

Director: And cut! That’s a take! Good job! I think we’ve got what it takes!

The End.


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