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Doctor, Doctor 

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Doctor (main character) 

Patient (main character)




  • Clipboard
  • Doctor’s white coat and stethoscope
  • Table
  • Business card and cell phone


Patient: Walks in to doctor’s office.

Receptionist: Hello. Your name please?

Patient: Mr. (or Mrs.) Needshealing 

Receptionist: Looks at her clipboard. Yes. You’re right on time. Dr. Physical will be happy to see you. You can go right on in. 

Doctor: Hello. How are you doing?

Patient: Well, actually not too well. I haven’t been feeling good these last few months. I’ve been feeling very grouchy, I get angry, I overeat sometimes, I’m never satisfied, I’m feeling lazy, and I’m just not very happy. 

Doctor: Oh, I see. Pause. Well, let’s see if I can help. You can get up on this table and I’ll start by checking your blood pressure. Checks blood pressure. Your blood pressure is excellent. Okay let’s check your heart rate. Checks pulse at wrist. Your heart rate is very good. Let’s check your reflexes. Checks reflex at both knees. Reflexes are good. Looks into eyes. Your eyes look great. Open wide. Checks throat. Your throat looks good too. Well, I’d have to say you are in great shape physically, but I think I might know what your problem is.

Patient: You do?

Doctor: Yes. It appears that you might need to see a specialist.

Patient: A specialist? 

Doctor: Yes, a specialist for your soul. Father Frank over at the Catholic Church down the block would be more than happy to help you. I refer my patients to him all the time. Father anoints those who are really sick and dying with holy oil and blesses them in the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. 

Patient: (A little panicky) Doctor, Doctor! Am I dying?

Doctor: Of course you’re not, Mr. (or Mrs.) Needshealing. But, I do believe you are in need of the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Patient: I’ve heard about that. Is that when people go to see a priest to confess the bad things they’ve done in their life?

Doctor: Yes. In this special sacrament, you bring all the icky sins of your life, and confess them to a priest, who actually sits in the place of Jesus. Then, God does something miraculous.

Patient: He does? 

Doctor: God completely wipes away your sins and gives you the gift of a special grace in your soul. You’ll be filled with peace and you’ll experience a sense of freedom and joy again.

Patient: Says with excitement. Gee Doctor, that sounds like something I really need.

Doctor: (cheerfully) Here’s Father Frank’s card. I’d give him a call, as soon as you can. He’s always willing to hear people’s confessions.

Patient: Gets off the table. Thanks, Doctor. I’ll do that right away. Grabs cell phone out of his pocket and dials the number while exiting. 

Doctor: Looks up to God and gives Him two thumbs up!

The End


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