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God’s Calling

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Young Luke (ballcap)

Young Jenny (pigtails and dress)

Older Luke

Older Jenny

Voice for Luke’s Mom



  • Doll
  • Toy truck
  • 2 Signs (“25 years later” and “What is God calling you to do?”)
  • Nun costume


Jenny and Luke play with their toys throughout the entire conversation. 

Jenny: Hey, Luke. I’m glad you could come over and play. I can share my dolly with you. 

Luke: No thanks, Jenny. Do you have any trucks I can play with?

Jenny: Yeah, I have this one that I used to play with in my sandbox. Hands truck to Luke.

Luke: Gee, thanks!

Jenny: So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Luke: I don’t know. Maybe a police.

Jenny: Did you say a priest? 

Luke: No!  I said a po-lice. Make a police car siren noise.

Jenny: Oh, well maybe God wants you to be priest someday, just like Father Peter. I think you’d be a cool priest. You’re lots of fun and you’d make the people in church laugh.

Luke: I don’t know. Maybe.

Jenny: Can you guess what I wanna be when I grow up?

Luke: A teacher?

Jenny: No, I wanna be a mom, just like my mom. She’s awesome! And I wanna marry someone just like my daddy. You know, my mom and dad love each other.

Luke: They do?

Jenny: Yeah, they kiss each other a lot, and they go out on dates, and my daddy buys my mom flowers, and they hold hands and they pray together, too.

Luke: That’s cool. I’ve never seen my mom and dad pray.

Jenny: Well, you should tell them to pray because it will help them love each other more. And, you should pray for your mom and dad, too. 

Luke: Ya, that’s a good idea Jenny.

Luke’s mom: Voice in background. Luke! Luke! It’s time to go now! Say bye to Jenny.

Luke: Bye, Jenny.

Jenny: Bye, Luke. 

Someone carries a sign across the stage and reads it out loud for the audience: “25 years later.” 

Older Jenny (dressed in a nun costume) walks across the stage, while Older Luke walks across stage from opposite side and accidentally bumps into Jenny.

Jenny: Oh, I’m so sorry. Stops and pauses. Luke, is that you?

Luke: Jenny Anderson? Is that really you?

Jenny: It’s been so long? What have you been up to these past 25 years?

Luke: Well, I’m happily married with a lovely wife, 2 children and 1 more baby on the way. And what about you?

Jenny: Well, you never know what God can do when you’re open to His plan for your life. It’s a long story, but here I am. People now call me Sr. Teresa. I’ve never been so happy in all my life. I leave for Mexico next week to help teach some of the poor people who live there.

Luke: Wow Sr. Teresa! That’s great! So good to see you again. My family will be sure to pray for you in your mission and vocation.

Jenny: And, I’ll be sure to lift up your family in prayer. Say hi to your wife and kids for me. May God bless you! Both Jenny (Sr. Teresa) and Luke exit scene.

Someone carries a sign across the stage and reads it out loud for the audience. 

What is God calling you to do?

The End.


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