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Looking for ideas on how to transform your parish hall or school gym into an amazing Wilderness Adventure? Here are a few ideas and pictures to get you started! If you have any pictures of your Wilderness VBS, we'd love to see them! Email them to us and they might get featured here.

Rock entrance for vbs

Kids will be so excited to walk into the main assembly with this "rock wall" entrance. Buy rolls of brown paper and crumple it up. Use large cardboard tubes and wrap the crumpled paper around them. Cover the walls with a layer of paper as well to make it feel like a mountain cave. Put plants all the way throughout. 


Use green construction paper to cut out leaves and hang them from the ceiling. You can also use green streamers and/or paper chains to look like vines. 


Build a small mountain for the main assembly using styrofoam. Cut the styrofoam out in the shape of a mountain and carve grooves into it to resemble rock. Paint the styrofoam using grey spray paint. 


Make a sacrament sign using old pieces of barn wood or lumber and nail them to a solid wood post. Paint the words for each of the seven sacraments on the sign posts. This can be placed in the entrance or on the main set. 


Ask parishioners and volunteers to lend out artificial Christmas trees, small tents, plastic wading pools, as well as any camping gear to use as decorations and props. Ask them to label their items with their name or initials. (Lawn chairs, life jackets, coolers, picnic baskets, fishing gear, kayak or canoe, sleeping bags, lanterns, etc.)


 Kayak in water

Put together an easy kayak display with a blue tarp, blue plastic tablecloth, rocks, cattails, and even a few duck decoys. You can set it up on the side of the main assembly or in the entrance near the welcome table. 


Wilderness VBS display

Feature the Bible Verse of the Day on a large chalkboard and surround it with logs and camping gear. Using chairs makes the space look welcoming and the old fishing net gives it a rustic look. 


Wilderness display with tent 

If your parish does VBS every year, then you might already have a wooden background. For the Wilderness Adventure VBS, the background was painted blue with green triangles as hills. You can bring in a picnic table, logs, a tent, artificial Christmas trees and roasting sticks. The fire was made with bricks, wood and tissue paper.


Camping displays

 You can set up little displays around your VBS area with a variety of camping gear. Here are just a couple examples of what you can use: Life jackets, coolers, water jugs, fishing nets, cooking gear, hiking boots, stuffed animals, artificial plants and trees, etc. 


Wilderness Welcome table 

This is the welcoming table for registering the kids each day. A picnic tablecloth and a few stuffed animals make for a fun welcome! 


Search Wilderness VBS decorating ideas on Google, YouTube or Pinterest for more great suggestions. 


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