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Team Roles and Responsibilities


Assistant Program Director

  • Share responsibilities with the director. 


  • Handle all incoming registration fees and donations. Check with your parish about setting up a separate checking account. 
  • Write reimbursement checks or send e-transfers and keep track of the budget. 

Station Leaders

  • Please refer to each leader guide for a list of specific roles and responsibilities.

Registration/Welcome Team

  • Prep and distribute name tags for leaders and participants. (download name tags)
  • Set up a registration table for parents/guardians to sign in their kids. 
  • Print Sign-in/Sign-out sheets. (download)
  • Direct kids to their group leaders. 
  • Play VBS music or action song videos while the kids arrive each day. 

Group Leaders

  • Lead the group of children from the opening assembly to their stations.
  • Assist the children at each station.
  • Participate in the action songs.
  • Keep track of the kids’ personal belongings.
  • (Opt.) Dress up as wilderness guides. (hiking boots, plaid shirt, vest, hat, etc.)

Skit Director

  • Print and distribute the skit scripts
  • Gather all costumes and props.
  • Practice the daily skits with your team.
  • Perform skits at the Opening Assembly.

Computer Support

  • Assist the director with any computer related issues (registration database, sound and video tech support, etc.)


  • Take a group photo of all the leaders and participants on the first day. 
  • Take photos and videos during the week.
  • Make a video to play on the last day at the Wilderness Party and post it online for the families to watch at home.

Runner/ Floater

  • Check with station leaders to see if they require extra supplies, water, snacks, etc. Bring the station leaders a snack halfway through the morning.
  • Ring the bell to signal the station rotation.
  • Help with last minute details.

Childcare Team

  • Provide childcare for the volunteer’s pre-school children.
  • Prepare activities and snacks for children.

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