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Training Your Leaders


A training session is an excellent way to overview the VBS program with your volunteers. 


  • Start with a prayer. Emphasize the importance of spending time in prayer as they prepare for VBS week.
  • Allow enough time for introductions. 
  • Have everyone introduce themselves and share something fun about their summer holidays. Play an ice breaker game to help everyone get to know each other. (You can use “I Want Your Autograph” from the Day 1 Games)
  • Distribute a tentative program overview and schedule.
  • Give an overview of the themes and virtues of each day.
  • Run through a sample VBS Day.
  • Give all your station leaders access to the My VBS digital program so they can download and print resources for their lesson plans.
  • Explain emergency procedures and fire evacuation plan.
  • Have a question and answer period.
  • Give station leaders time to meet with their volunteers to organize and prepare their lesson plans. 
  • Have the skit team practice the skits and distribute the roles for each day.
  • Begin decoration prep (ex. group banners).
  • End with a prayer. 
  • Offer snacks and refreshments.

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