You’ll need:

  • Mini marshmallows (1/child)
  • Straws (1/child)


  •  Make a start and a finish line. 


  1. Using a straw, try and blow your marshmallow all the way to the finish line.
  2. The first person to make it to the end wins.  


wilderness dividers campfire




Ages: 4-6 year olds


  1. Ask the kids to create their own sounds for each of the following things found in the wilderness. Ex. “On the count of 3, I want you all to make the sound of a grizzly bear, 1,2,3...”:
  • Grizzly bear
  • Wolf or coyote
  • Thunderstorm
  • Duck in the pond
  • Fish in the stream
  • Crackling campfire
  • Mosquitoes
  • Zipping up a tent
  • Eating a hot dog
  • Fisherman


Wilderness dividers hat




Ages: 7 and up


You’ll Need: 

  • Oreo cookies (1/child)


  1. Get down on your knees and place a cookie on your forehead. 
  2. The goal is to move the cookie from your forehead into your mouth without using your hands. 
  3. If the cookie falls, just pick it up and restart by placing it back on your forehead. 


Wilderness dividers tent



Ages: 7 and up



  1. The first person will think of a wilderness item that starts with the letter A. 
  2. For example: I’m going on a wilderness adventure and I’m going to bring an apple. 
  3. The next person has to think of something that starts with the letter B and repeats: I’m going on a wilderness adventure and I’m going to bring an apple and a boat. 
  4. The third person continues the pattern repeating the A item, the B item and thinks of a wilderness item that begins with the letter C such as a compass or camera. 
  5. If time allows, try and go all the way until the letter “Z.”


A: Air mattress, apple

B: Bible, book, bathing suit, bowls, blanket

C: Compass, coffee, can opener, candy, canoe

D: Diary, dish soap, dog

E: Eggs, extra clothes

F: Fishing rod, flash light, first-aid kit

G: Games, gum, garbage bags 

H: Hot Dogs, hat, hiking boots

I: Insect repellent, ice box

J: Juice, journal

K: Kleenex

L: Life jacket, lantern, lotion

M: Matches, marshmallows, money

N: Net, newspaper

O: Oranges 

P: Pocket knife, pyjamas, pots n’pans

Q: Quilt, quick meals, quarters

R: Rope, rosary, roasting stick

S: Sleeping bag, sunglasses, soap, swimsuit

T: Tent, tools, tissue paper, tackle box

U: Underwear, utensils

V: Vitamins, video camera

W: Water, whistle, watch, wallet, wood

X: “Xtra” food

Y: Yo-yo, yogurt

Z: Zucchini



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