Wilderness getting started titles 36


  • We have provided you with a few snack options to choose from each day. Read through each of the daily snacks and select the ones that work best for your groups. 
  • When purchasing the food, be sure to factor in a little more for your volunteers. It’s always a good idea to buy more than you think you will need. The extra food can always be used throughout the week and at the Wilderness Party. 
  • Bring the station leaders a mid-morning snack. They will love you for it.
  • It is very important that any information about participants or volunteers with food allergies get communicated to the snack leader. (see child registration forms)
  • In addition to the recommended daily snack, it’s a good idea to provide fruit and veggies as alternative snacks for those who have food allergies.
  • To save on disposible cups, ask parents to bring a water bottle for each child with their name on it. 
  • Most of the food and supplies can be purchased a few days before the VBS, but keep an eye out for sales in the weeks leading up to VBS. 
  • Have plenty of dish cloths and paper towels on hand for easy clean up. 
  • Have the children wash or wipe their hands before handling food.
  • Share the theme connection for every snack and have a sample to show the kids. 
  • On Friday, the snack team can assist in setting up for the Wilderness Party. Put out any leftover snacks. 
  • Download the snack station poster. Print copies to post in your snack area. 
  • A good tip is to cover all the tables with white or brown paper. As the children finish their snacks, they can use the space to draw pictures. Have crayons and markers on hand. 
  • Snack time is a great opportunity to have meaningful conversations with kids. You can use the Cool Conversation Questions.
  • When the kids are finished their snack, do the after snack activities or have one of the snack leaders read to the younger kids. Talk to the faith leader about the recommended books suggested in the faith guide. 


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