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Digital VBS Music Day 1 Sample!

Kids and families can have easy online access to all the VBS Music, Action Song Videos, Bible Verse Videos, printable coloring pages and activities from one convenient platform.

This is the perfect addition to your Cat.Chat VBS program!


Your Digital VBS Music includes:

10 VBS songs to stream from any device anywhere/anytime

A daily Action Song Video kids can watch, sing and dance along to

A Bible Verse Music Video to help kids learn and memorize God's Word 

Printable faith, craft, snack and game activities

A daily Saint story and coloring page

Connection questions to spark meaningful conversations with kids

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Day 1 Sample

Enjoy these fun videos, catchy songs and hands-on activities to help make the faith come alive for you and your kids.

Theme: Get Onboard: We will be having fun learning about prayer and how the angels guide us on our journey with God.

Virtue: Responsibility (doing a job with great care and attention; being reliable and dependable)



Sing along to these catchy VBS Songs




Sing and dance along with this Action Song Video


We challenge you to memorize this Bible Verse of the Day: James 4:8

RR Bible Verse Day 1


Read the Saint story with your child and have them color the picture below

St. Raphael the Archangel

St. Raphael is one of the seven angels that stands before the throne of God in heaven, and one of the three Archangels who is mentioned by name in the Bible. The other two are St. Gabriel and St. Michael.

St. Raphael is mentioned in the Book of Tobit, where he was sent on a mission from God to help a young man named Tobias.

He was sent to guide Tobias on a journey, and that is why Raphael is known as the patron saint of travelers.

Raphael is also the patron saint of healing because he helped heal Tobias’ father who was blind.

We can ask this great Archangel to pray for us whenever we are sick, or when we are traveling somewhere on a journey.

St. Raphael, Pray for us.

coloring raphaelred line

saint memory match Button


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Connection Questions:

Where is your favorite place to pray?   

What are some of your favorite prayers? 

How is prayer like taking a ride in an airplane?

Taking a ride in an airplane can make us think of prayer. Picture Jesus as the pilot and we are his passengers. When we get onboard PRAYER AIRLINES and allow Jesus to be our pilot, it can be quite the RADICAL RIDE. Sometimes, the ride may be smooth, calm and peaceful, and other times we may experience some turbulence with ups and downs, but that’s okay. Jesus, our pilot, has things under control and when we trust in Him, we can enjoy the Radical Ride he has planned out for us.


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Closing Prayer 

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

Come Holy Spirit, teach me to pray. Help me to let go of my worries and my distractions and to trust in you. Jesus, I want to receive your love more fully into my heart. Thank you for loving me. AMEN.




Coloring Contest: Enter the VBS Coloring Contest

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Email us a photo (JPEG) or a scanned PDF of your child’s VBS Coloring Page and enter to win a Radical Ride Gift Pack.

Winners will be notified by email on August 28th in the following age categories: 4-5 year olds, 6-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds.


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