What's New

  • 2 New CDs: OFFICIAL Release Oct 1st

    Cat.Chat is getting very excited to release their 2 brand new CDs: Rise UP and Spark My Heart. 12 engaging Cat.Chat songs on each CD. Produced by the Cat.Chat Man and award winning producer Bart McKay, these CDs are not only inspiring but are very practical in helping kids practice virtue and leading them into worship and prayer. Available October, 1st, 2014.

    Another FUNTASTIC and POWERFUL Cat.Chat VBS program called Cathletics: Training To Be Champions for Christ! will be available in January 2015.

    Filming of the New TV series at EWTN in Alabama: 'Saints In Training' is now complete! It went AWESOME! Thanks be to God. The 8 part series will be available in 2015. 

    Thank you for keeping us in your daily prayers as we continue to pray for all of you.



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Thu Aug 28
Irondale, AL, USA
Fri Aug 29
Irondale, AL, USA
Sat Aug 30
Irondale, AL, USA