Welcome to DAY 4 of your “AT HOME” Cat.Chat VBS Experience! 

We hope you enjoy these fun videos, catchy songs and hands-on activities to help make the faith come alive for you and your kids.

Theme: “Jesus is the King and Lord of our Lives”. We are learning what it means to let Jesus be King of our lives by getting to know Him, love Him and serve Him.

Virtue: Love (strong affection and concern for others; God is Love)


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We challenge you to memorize this Bible Verse of the Day: Revelation 17:14

Cool Kingdom Bible Verse Day 4


Read the Saint story with your child and have them color the picture below

St. Francis of Assisi

St. Francis of Assisi loved and cared for everything around him. Francis wanted to share God’s love with others. (Especially the sick, the poor and the suffering). He knew that all the money in the world could not make him truly happy. He gave up all the money he had and shared it with others.

There was one time when he met a man who was dressed in rags (really rough and old clothes). He felt so sorry for the poor man that he traded his clothes with him.

St. Francis put on the man’s old clothes and he felt really happy inside. He was not afraid to love him with the love of Jesus. Francis was an instrument of God’s love for this man.

Another time, Francis met a man with sores and scabs all over his face and body. Nobody wanted to be around this man, but Francis was not afraid to be with him. Francis hugged him, prayed with him and touched his face. Shortly after, the man’s face was healed. Francis had loved this man with the love of Jesus.

St. Francis of Assisi, Pray for us.

St. Francis Cat.Chat Coloing page


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Connection Question: What can we do to show honor to Jesus, our King?

Examples: Respect His holy name, love Him, be His friend, talk to Him, and serve Him, spend time with Him in prayer, obey the Commandments, show honor to His Mother, Mary, etc.


Closing Prayer 

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

Jesus, help us to proclaim you as King of our lives.

May our words, actions and thoughts honor you in all that we do.

We invite you to come and reign in our hearts. Amen.



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