Cat.Chat: Saints in Training - Complete Set

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Don't miss out on all the fun with Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat Family! Get all 8 episodes from the Cat.Chat TV Series: Saints in Training.

Each 1/2 hour episode focuses on a specific virtue, and features songs and teachings to help challenge your kids to exercise those virtues in a new and exciting way.

Episode 1 - Self-Control

Come on out and spend a day at the farm with Moses the Cat while the Cat.Chat family learns what it means to practice self-control. It’s a lesson in discovering how important it is to control our words, our thoughts and our actions. Learn all about the super saint, St. Michael the Archangel, watch Moses drive a tractor, and dance and sing till the cows… er umm cats… come home.

Song List:

  • I Will Win
  • Do What’s Right
  • Simplify
  • Spark My Heart


Super Saint: St. Michael the Archangel

Vital Verse: 1 Corinthinans 9:25

Episode 2 - Courage

Take off with Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat family as they learn what it means to conquer their fears and trust in God. It’s an exciting adventure full of high-energy action songs, airplane rides, unicycling, and so much more! Be inspired by the super saint: St. Patrick, and find out how you can train to be bold and courageous in your faith.

Song List:

  • Courageous
  • God Is Here
  • Prepare for Takeoff
  • Radical Ride


Super Saint: St. Patrick

Vital Verse: Philippians 4:13

Episode 3 - Purity

It’s a hot summer day and Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat family can’t wait to cool off. But first, they learn about purity and what it means to keep their hearts pure and clean for Jesus. Join the fun as Moses makes some delicious homemade ice-cream, and starts throwing water balloons at the Cat.Chat kids! Let Mary, the Mother of Jesus, help train you to live a life of purity.

Song List:

  • Pure
  • Who Am I
  • King of All
  • Immaculate One


Super Saint - Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Vital Verse - Matthew 5:8

Episode 4 - Faithfulness

Put on your running shoes and join Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat family as they get out on the sports field to learn about faithfulness, and what it means to always give God your best. It’s an exciting episode where you get to discover cool bible heroes, learn about the super saint, St. John Paul II, and understand why it’s so important to live with total faith and confidence in God. 

Song List:

  • Faithful
  • Every Little Thing (Kids Club)
  • To the Sky
  • Champions for Christ


Super Saint: St. John Paul II

Vital Verse: Psalm 36:5

 Episode 5: Generosity

Grab your fishing rod and join Moses the Cat as he learns to share his time and his talents with Vanessa down at the fishing pond. It’s a celebration of life with the Cat.Chat family as they discover different ways that they can share their gifts with others. Learn about the super saint, St. Nicholas, and how his life was a witness of generosity.

Song List:

  • Be Blessed
  • Greatest Gift
  • Life is Great
  • For Children Everywhere
  • Smile


Super Saint: St. Nicholas

Vital Verse: 2 Corinthians 9:7

Episode 6: Charity

Get a new look at the Cat.Chat family when Moses decides to start looking through old family photo albums. It’s a lesson in love and what it really means to put God and others before ourselves. Learn about the incredible promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, watch Moses put together a surprise for the Cat.Chat family, and be inspired by the life of the super saint: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Song List:

  • Without Love
  • The Lord Your God
  • Tell the World
  • Rise Up


Super Saint: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Vital Verse: Matthew 7:12

Episode 7 - Patience

We can’t wait for you to join Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat Family… wait, we can wait! This is training in patience as we learn about the Fruits of the Spirit, God’s creation, and the importance of waiting for His plan to unfold. Hear the story of the super saint, St. Kateri, and watch Moses practice his patience as he waits to open a special surprise package.

Song List:

  • Patience
  • Little Me
  • Your Love Never Ends
  • Fruits of the Spirit


Super Saint: St. Kateri

Vital Verse: Romans 12:12

Episode 8 - Joy

Get ready to smile as the Cat.Chat family learns how important it is to have joy when sharing the faith with others. Moses the Cat decides to do some of his alltime favorite things, but he discovers that it may not be the only way to practice joy.  So join the fun as you laugh, dance, and sing along in this exciting episode.

Song List:

  • Rejoice
  • Smile
  • He’s in My Heart
  • I Will Dance


Super Saint: St. John Bosco

Vital Verse: Nehemiah 8:10

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