Radical Ride At Home VBS For Parish

$99.00 each

Step 1: Select the number of participants for your VBS

Step 2: Purchase At Home VBS

Step 3: Click on "My Library" button in the top-right menu to access your At Home VBS. 

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The Radical Ride At Home VBS Includes:

  • Daily Action Song Videos kids can watch, sing and dance along to
  • A Bible Verse Music Video to help kids learn and memorize God's Word and plant seeds of faith
  • 10 VBS songs to stream from your device anywhere/anytime
  • Printable faith and craft activities
  • Snack and game activities
  • Daily Saint story and coloring page
  • Connection questions to spark meaningful conversations with kids

Select The Number of Your At Home VBS Participants Above

Select the approximate number of children who will be receiving the digital package above. We know registration can fluctuate, so please estimate the average number of participants registered for your VBS. By buying a license you are given permission to distribute this At Home VBS included all its digital assets. There is no expiry date. 

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