Cat.Chat TV Series DVD - Episode 3 & 4

Cat.Chat TV Series DVD Episode 3 & 4
$9.95 each

Episode 3: Teach Me to Pray 

Learning about Prayer

With singing and lots of fun, the Cat.Chat family teach us how powerful it is to make prayer a part of our day and how talking and listening to God will build up our spiritual lives. Moses the Cat also discovers that he can pray always, even while he’s running laps

Featured Songs

  • G.O.D
  • Teach Me To Pray
  • Change
  • The Lord’s Prayer

Episode 4: Building the Kingdom

Learning about the Saints

In this episode Moses the cat has a secret project he is working on. Meanwhile, the Cat.Chat family explores the lives of the Saints and how they can inspire us to become saints as well.

Featured Songs:

  • Celebrate
  • I am Called
  • Pray For Me
  • We’ve Gotta Tell the World
  • River of Life
  • In Communion


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