Vol 2: Jesus in My Heart

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Join Papa, Josh, Hannah, Moses, and cousins Sarah and Jesse for a fun filled camping trip as they learn all about prayer and the importance of having Jesus in their lives. So get out your camping gear, pop a marshmallow on your roasting stick and enjoy Volume 2 of the Cat.Chat Audio Series!

Songs Incude:

  • He's In My Heart
  • To Be Like Jesus
  • I Love You Lord
  • I Forgive
  • Jesus, My Faith is in You
  • The Lord's Prayer


We Love it!

"All of the Cat Chat cds are great! Kids love the songs and stories and even adults enjoy them too!" Mama soon


Five Stars

"All Cat Chats are great-this one included." Margaret H


Catchy Songs

"Cat Chat has become an instant family favorite! I love it, my kids (5 and 3 years) love it, the songs are catchy, it's entertaining, and it is orthodox and educational. Little word of caution, it does talk about divorce." Bean 13


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