Happy Valentine’s Day!

May this video be a reminder for us of the great things we need to do in order to spark love and joy in marriage. 

 VBS games


Have you been searching for the perfect game to play at your youth group, birthday party, or at home with your kids? Have fun playing a few of our favorite games from the Cat.Chat VBS programs.


Perhaps you’ve never hosted a VBS before and you're not sure where to start? Or maybe you're a seasoned VBS veteran who just happened to come across our website? Whether you're buying your first program or your twentieth, we believe it's important to find one that suits your parish and its needs. Here are 10 reasons why we think a Cat.Chat VBS might be just what you're looking for.

Dec. 16th, 2021 was a day we won’t forget. Denise saw smoke from the kitchen window while prepping supper. She ran outside and quickly came back to alarm me of a fire blazing in the lean-to that was attached to our storage garage.

I darted outside and saw the lawn tractor, the garage wall behind it and the roof burning strongly.


“Jesus is the reason for the season.” We hear this often and it couldn't be more true, however, sometimes it’s hard to know how to make it a reality in our own family. Thankfully, there are some practical ways to help stay focused on Christ during this Christmas season. Whether you need a reminder for yourself or for your family, here a few ideas for you to use. 


Growing up, my parents did an amazing job of celebrating the liturgical seasons in our home. During Advent, there were always Advent songs playing, a magnificent green tree in the corner, and the little Magi and Holy Family set on their journey from our parent's room to the living room. It really was a special time.

Many Catholic families fill their stockings on December 6th in commemoration of St. Nick’s feast day. Along with chocolate and goodies, my mom also put $10 into our stockings. We used that money to buy a gift for our “Secret Santa Sibling” at Christmas. However, my favorite tradition was when my siblings and I would all be doing homework or getting ready for bed, and suddenly my mom would say, “Did you guys hear that?”


Christ Is King! 

This Sunday, don’t miss the opportunity to make Christ the King of your lives. When you go to Mass, make every effort to enter into the celebration by listening intently to every Mass part and reading. 


Jesus, you are King of the universe. I invite you to be King of every little detail of my life. Jesus, King of all, I trust in you!



Advent is a beautiful time of anticipation and preparation. It's a great opportunity for families to be more intentional about spending time together. We encourage you to set aside one evening a week to do something that involves your whole family. We've included three fun activities you can do during these weeks before Christmas. 


Wow! We were blown away by all the amazing entries for the annual All Saints Day Coloring Contest! Thank you to everyone who participated. We loved seeing your colored masterpieces. 

Here are the winners for each age category, as well as the runner-up winners. 


3-5 year olds - Elizabeth E.

6-8 year olds - Micah F.

9-12 year olds - Claire L. 

And because we simply couldn't pick just one winner... here are the runner-ups! 

3-5 year olds - Jude R. 

6-8 year olds - Leah W. 

9-12 year olds - Lena L. 

All Saints Day is around the corner. As parents and teachers, it is so important that you continue sharing saint stories with your kids. Introduce the saints as heroes and friends who are there to help your kids on their journey through life. 

"What we allow our kids to watch often determines who their heroes will be."

All Saints Day is a great opportunity to create an environment of encounter for our kids. We don't have to walk this journey of faith alone, so let us follow in the footsteps of our Heavenly friends who desire nothing more than to lead us ever closer to Christ. 



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