Our fireplace was lit and I was all alone sitting on our family living room couch. I felt unsettled; an unhappiness within me. “I’m tired of thinking of myself!” I said aloud. Picking up my guitar, I began to play, singing my heart to Jesus. This internal ache resulted in this song called “Selfless.” The Great St John Paul II says that, “Man cannot fully find himself except through a sincere gift of himself.” (Gaudium Etpes , 24)  Jesus is calling each of us to be selfless. Why? As JPII exclaims, in giving of ourselves we find ourselves. A weird paradox. 

Advent is here and I have come to a very important realization: Advent is not about me, and neither is the great feast of Christmas. In awakening a personal encounter with the living Christ is finding a great treasure. Great joy and peace will be found when we offer ourselves as a true gift to Jesus and one another. Giving selflessly of our time, our talents and our treasures, with no agenda, but most importantly our presence. These simple acts of selflessness will be a wonderful preparation for the great coming of Jesus Christ who gave himself completely in the Incarnation.

As the days lead closer to Christmas and each candle on the advent wreath gets shorter, I pray I might give of myself more fully and encourage you to do the same. Below is my song “Selfless” and as I shared, it speaks of a greater detachment from the selfish motives of my self, praying for humility that I might more fully love others and more completely let Christ work through me. Wishing you a happy Advent! Peace and blessings! 

~ Luc Montpetit (second youngest of the Cat.Chat kids)



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