When I wrote this song, I was alone at a friend's cabin doing some songwriting. As I was telling God about all the unknowns and uncertainties of my life, I  found myself reflecting on the lives the Saints and how courageous they were amidst their own personal struggles.

The lives of the Saints have always challenged me to pursue holiness, but I often find myself saying the words of St.Therese of Lisieux, "Lord, make me a Saint, but please be gentle with me."

God is calling all of us, young and old, to become saints. Yes, this is a radical thought.

Most of us think it's unattainable, and yet, the whisper in our hearts is still there. “Come follow me” says Jesus the Saint Maker, who is calling us, as well as our kids, to embrace the challenge.  This challenge of becoming saints happens in the midst of our joys, struggles, sins, fears, uncertainties and most importantly, within the details of our own personal day to day life.

The saints were ordinary people who did great things and more importantly, the little things, for the Kingdom of God! Our great and powerful God has raised up thousands of saints, young and old, during extremely difficult times and also in the times of mundane and ordinary life. 

These heroes would be transformed and lead by the Heart of Christ and then courageously lead others through their inspiration, encouragement, hope and witness.

They had the courage to:

  • Conquer their fears
  • Walk by Faith with their eyes on heaven
  • Live for others
  • Get back up after they’ve confessed their sins 
  • Forgive those who have offended them
  • Love those who were the least loveable
  • Be doers of God’s word

Even though they were afraid at times, they trusted in Jesus. They knew that God would always be there for them.

So let’s be courageous and call on Jesus and the Saints, moment by moment, to give us and our kids a new desire and vision for our lives. A vision that calls us to embrace the great adventure of life that God has for each of us. 


Here are the lyrics to the song Courageous:


Verse 1: 

The Saints lived like champions, 

With endurance they ran the race.

Everything they did for God,

They did it with His grace.



With courage, we can do great things, 

For the Kingdom of God.

With courage, we can do great things,

For the Kingdom of God, 


Verse 2: 

When things get extremely hard,

We persevere with prayer.

Even when fear grips our heart,

We know that God is there.



With courage, we can do great things, 

For the Kingdom of God.

With courage, we can do great things,

For the Kingdom of God, 



Courageous, for the Kingdom (x4)

Song written by Gerald Montpetit 

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