What age range is Lenten Journey designed for?

It’s designed for kids ages 5-9, but can be enjoyed with the whole family.


After the parish or school purchases the program, who can they share it with? 

If you are a parish, you have permission to share the program links each week with your parish families. Schools and homeschool groups also have the rights to share the Lenten Journey lessons with the teachers or homeschool families within their school. 

How long will I be able to access the lessons?

The available lessons will be accessible from the time of purchase until Pentecost Sunday (May 23, 2021).


If my parish doesn't order the program, can I just get it for my family?

Yes, you can order the Lenten Journey for your own personal family use. You do not have permission to share the link with anyone outside your immediate family.  Order here

What's the difference between the Lenten Journey Parish/School version and the Family version?

The Treasures of Faith content is the same for both. However, with the Parish/School version, you receive a license/permission to share it with your parish families, teachers or homeschool group. 

The Lenten Journey for Families is for individual family use only.



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