Over the past two decades, we asked our five kids fun questions that prompted interesting replies and sparked meaningful conversations. We recorded their comments in a notebook and would like to share them with you. 

Hopefully, they can bring a smile to your face and warm your heart in this season of your life.

We asked: What’re the most beautiful words in the English language?

I Love You  (Jerome, age 7)

What do you most look forward to about growing old?

Peace & quiet in my house. (Dominic, age 10)

What happens to people when they get old?

They die. (Luc, age 4)

Where does the sun go at night? 

It goes into Heaven to sleep. (Reanne, age 4)

What do you think makes Jesus happy?  

That I’m his best friend. (Dominic, age 5) 

What is sin? What does sin do to people?

Sin is like a mousetrap... it’s tempting, you get trapped in it and sin hurts people. (Vanessa, age 9)

What color is the saddest color?

White, cause our tears are white. (Reanne, age 5)

If you were a mom of the house, what would your top five rules be?

Chores on Saturdays shut the stove off when you cook, everyone takes turns and has a dishes day, go to Mass on Sundays and take a shower when your bum is itchy. (Vanessa, age 9)

What do you think makes Jesus sad?

That somebody doesn’t love Him. (Dominic, age 5)

If God put you completely in charge of creating heaven, what would it look like?

It would be unbelievable! Big church, bowling alley, nice hockey rink... (Dom, age 10) 

If you knew that next week would be your last week to live, what are some things you would do?

Go to Confession, listen to all my music and say bye  to everyone. (Dominic, age 10)

Which three people’s autographs would you most like to have? 

Pope Francis, McDavid, Gretzky (Luc, age 12)

What do you like the most about being a teenager? 

Learning and discovering life. (Dominic, age 17)

What is the best time you’ve ever had with dad?

The best is yet to come. (Jerome, age 11)

We would love to hear from you. Share with us a favorite comment you’ve heard from your child or grandchild and you’ll be entered to win a fun surprise gift. 

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  • Tracy

    Christopher C. said,
    “Mum, whenever you go to daily mass without me please pick up a host for me because I really want to receive Jesus.”

  • Kevin & Annette Bentler

    • I sighed, “We live in a wounded world. This world needs Jesus.” Aimée reassured me, “This world does have Jesus!” (Aimée, age 6)
    • Rachelle was explaining the ingredients in sacred chrism: kitchen oil and spices. Aimée had her own ideas “beans and cookies”. (Aimée, age 5)
    • Asking for volunteers to go to Adoration with me, Aimée quickly begged. I told her it was too late, to which she replied, “I want to. I like the darkness.” (Aimée, age 5)
    • I was asking Matthew to come back to do his homeschool. He was cuddling Aimée on the couch. He smartly replied, “I’m comforting the sorrowful.” We had just learned about the spiritual works of mercy. (Matthew, age 12)
    • I explained who Saint Nicholas was to Rachelle the eve of the feast of Saint Nicholas. Then, she came out with her pyjamas, begging for help to put them on. “Faster! Faster! The bishop is coming!” (Rachelle, age 6)
    • Rachelle called everyone to family night prayer, “Everyone, wake up! It’s bedtime!” (Rachelle, age 6)
    • The kids were watching our wedding video. Matthew sighed, “Now, that’s a wedding I would have liked to have gone to!” (Matthew, age 11)
    • Rachelle claims that Jesus made her nose, her ears…but Mary made her eyes and her hair. (Rachelle, age 5)
    • We gave Matthew a t-shirt for his Confirmation that says, “Live the faith”. After looking in the mirror, he noticed that “live” spelled backwards was spelled “evil”. Deep thought from Matthew: “If you live backwards, that’s evil.” (Matthew, age 9)
    • Christianne inquired, “Does Heaven stink?” Matthew reported, “Of course not. Hell is full of farts. All the sewage from Heaven drains down to Hell.” (Matthew, age 9)
    • We were talking about Cain and Abel. Christianne commented, “Why would they kill? Why didn’t Cain just pinch Abel on the arm and say, “I’m jealous”? (Christianne, age 10)
    • Paul asked, “Are we going to Our Lady of Lourdes?” “Yes” “Will all my friends be there?” “I don’t know; who are all your friends?” “I can’t say. I’ll run out of my breath.” (Paul, age 6)
    • Mom asked, “What should we do as a family for Father Matthew’s birthday (referring to spiritual bouquet)?” Matthew mused, “I don’t know; we can go bowling – he’d like that!” (Matthew, age 8)
    • Looking at the Nativity set, Paul asked Mom, “Which is your favourite king?" I chose the kneeling wise man. With a pause, he smartly replied, “Mine is the Baby King!” (Paul, age 6)

  • When my son was about 4, we were visiting my parents. Before Mass I explained that his grandfather was a Deacon and would help the priest. When my father came out on the altar my son YELLED our: "That ain't God, that's my grandpa"!

  • Lia

    "Mama, you're prettier than Gemma (baby sister) AND flowers!"
    -One of my twins?!, age 6

    PS- Tell Vanessa that taking a shower when your bum is itchy is a rule in our house, too! ;)

  • Bethany


    Luke, at age 3, kept taking his shirt off to go potty. I told him we grownups leave our shirts on when we go potty. He said, very seriously, "That's dangerous."

  • Bethany

    Sophie, age 3 , during the elevation of the Host: "Whoa... Too special for me." She was in awe.?

  • Kristie

    I had my 5th daughter in October, and one Sunday at Mass when the baby was just a week or two old, my 3-year-old daughter asked me, "Why do we have a baby?" I answered, "Because God gave her to us." She was quiet for a bit and scrunched her eyebrows together in deep thought. Then she looked up at me and said, "God gave us a baby?" I smiled, nodded and answered yes. She looked up at the altar and said, "God is so nice!" :D

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