Super hero saints

Every child needs a hero that they can look up to. This is made evident in a culture that can’t get enough of Marvel superheroes and Paw Patrol. As parents and teachers, we need to remember that what we allow our kids to watch often determines who their heroes will be. Keep reminding them of the heroic lives of the saints and the way that they helped save the world for God! Put up saint posters in their room, celebrate feast days, and read stories of the saints before bed. Give your children examples of men and women of faith that will truly amaze and inspire them.

We put together fun facts for 5 incredible saints that you can share with your kids!

Super hero saints 01

Super hero saints 05

Super hero saints 04

Super hero saints 02

Super hero saints 03

 Let us know some of your favorite saints and how you honor them in the comments below! There is always more to learn about these incredible heroes of faith!



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