Toady we celebrate St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church! 

While on one of our concert tours, our family stopped to visit Canada’s largest church, St. Joseph's Oratory. We were all very excited to see and experience all that St. Joseph had accomplished through a humble saint named Andre Bessette. 


What a beautiful gift our country has in having this shrine in honor of St. Joseph! It is a testament and witness of what true devotion to our country’s patron saint looks like when we remain humble and faithful disciples of Christ. 

A few days later, we went into a small church that was across the street from where we were doing a concert. It was there that we came across this prayer to St. Joseph. It has been a powerful prayer that we have memorized and prayed often ever since. 

May we all find hope and comfort through St. Joseph’s intercession during this time.

Prayer to St. Joseph (author unknown) 

Dear Saint Joseph, humble and obedient servant of God. I come before you seeking your powerful intercession. 

Pray for me that I may live faithfully my personal vocation and mission. Help me to embrace silence so that I may hear the voice of Christ in my life so that he may guide me on the path he has chosen for me. 

Equip me with the skills I need to accomplish my life’s work and protect me from worldly distractions that drive me away from God’s will. 

In imitation of you St. Joseph, may I live by faith, humility and obedience, submitting my mind and heart to God with complete trust and confidence in Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen!  

Saint Joseph, pray for us.

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