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Get the inside scoop on everything that's going on with Cat.Chat Productions. Follow the Cat.Chat family behind the scenes of their concert event, read The Luna's Story about how Cat.Chat has impacted their family, and check out the Featured Product this month. It's all here in our April Newsletter!

Events – Fargo Trip

The Cat.Chat family will be heading down to North Dakota this weekend!! They will be performing three different concerts for the kids attending the 2018 Redeemed Conference hosted by the Diocese of Fargo.

Please pray for the families and kids that will be attending, that their hearts may be opened to the incredible love of the Father. If you can't make it to the conference but would like to follow along on their adventures, follow Cat.Chat on Instagram and get a behind the scenes look at what life is like on the road with the Cat.Chat family. You can also follow them on Facebook.

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How has Cat.Chat impacted Your life?

The Luna Family

 The Luna's Story

In 2011, my husband Tony came across a Cat.Chat CD in the Lighthouse Media rack at vestibule of our church. It was bright and colorful and the only CD on the rack geared towards children, so on a whim he picked one up and popped it in our car's CD player on the way home. We weren’t really paying attention to it much, but the kids were completely mesmerized and asked us to play it every day when we were driving. Since they were so taken with it we started paying closer attention. The music was actually kind of catchy, and a lot better than listening to Barney or the Wheels on the Bus all day! And the stories that were interwoven throughout were wholesome, family lessons inspired by our awesome Catholic faith (in fact - as parents, we even learned a few things)!

We ordered more of the Cat.Chat CDs, and while clicking through their site, we noticed that the Cat.Chat family behind the great CDs (the Montpetits from Saskatchewan, Canada) were touring and performing concerts at schools and churches. Tony was immediately ready to jump in with both feet, but I was a little more hesitant. What did we know about concert promotion? Contracts, ticket sales… and then I worried whether anyone would even come to the show. After some prayerful discernment we thought of how much joy the music had brought to our family and we wanted to share that with others, so we wrote the Cat.Chat family back and said YES (just like Mary said :) to hosting a concert here in Pennsylvania. We were so excited.

As we waited for the concert promotional materials to arrive by mail from Canada, we received some devastating personal news. While pregnant with our 4th child, Sean Vincent, we were told he had Trisomy 18, a chromosomal disorder that is almost always fatal. Shock, anguish, fear, anger and sadness overcame us. It truly was the darkest and most disorienting time in our lives. The day the genetic counselor called to confirm the diagnosis was the same day the Cat.Chat promotional materials arrived on our doorstep. My first reaction way to cry out...we can’t possibly do this now! But before I could finish the sentence I did a complete 180….we HAD to do this...we were going to do this no matter what because it was the only thing that any of us felt like smiling about. And Sean Vincent (our baby) was our inspiration. We would do this to honor his life, no matter how short, in bringing other children closer to Jesus through the concert.

Once that was decided I reached out to our church mom’s group. The outpouring of support was amazing. Sean Vincent was born and baptized on April 23, 2012. He was beautiful, and his brief life lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. Two weeks later, the Cat.Chat family arrived for the concert. As the Cat.Chat man walked into our kitchen - my husband Tony smiled at him and tears started flowing from his eyes as he said - you are here - you don’t understand - you are right here!

One woman in particular said that she was so moved by our leap of faith moving forward with the concert that she wanted to honor our Sean by taking a leap herself. She had always wanted to bring Vacation Bible School to our parish, but she never took the initiative. In the summer of 2012, 80 children took part in the first Cat.Chat VBS. This will be the 7th year the tradition has carried on in that parish, and it brings us so much peace to know that our son’s life was the impetus that began it.

The concert, by the way, was a great success and we hosted several more. The Montpetits stayed at our home each time and we were blessed in so many ways by the witness of their faith and their fellowship. Our Cat.Chat experience taught us that trusting God and taking bold leaps of faith over our “what ifs” will bear unimaginable fruit in our family and community, even in, especially in, moments of trial. We are forever grateful to God for the Cat.Chat family and so thankful that He brought us together in a way that could only have happened through His abundant mercy and grace!

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