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Have you been searching for the perfect game to play at your youth group, birthday party, or at home with your kids? Have fun playing a few of our favorite games from the Cat.Chat VBS programs.

Hail Mary Hunt

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The Hail Mary is a beautiful prayer. How many times do we say it when we pray the rosary? (53 times) Each time we pray a Hail Mary, we’re offering a gift of love to Mary, our Queen, so that she can present it even more beautifully to Jesus. This game is a fun way to help us learn and remember the Hail Mary.

Age level: 6 and up

You’ll need:

Set Up:

  • Print a Hail Mary Checklist for each child.
  • Print the Hail Mary Hunt Posters and hide them in your games area.
  • Place a different colored marker beside each poster.

Game Instructions:

  1. Each player (or team) will receive a Hail Mary Checklist. (Everyone on the team must stay together by linking arms.)
  2. Hunt for all seven posters that have the parts of the Hail Mary prayer.
  3. When you find a poster, check off the part of the prayer that matches the one on your checklist. Use the colored marker that you will find beside the poster and be sure to leave it there.
  4. The first player to fill up their checklist with the designated colors, wins.

This game is from the Cool Kingdom Party VBS program.

Dress Up for Mass Relay

Whenever we go to Mass, we want to try and look our very best because we are going to a celebration to meet Jesus in the Eucharist. In this game, we’ll get to see how we look “all dressed up” for Mass.

You’ll Need:

  • Box (1/team)
  • Oversized clothing (2 items/player) (Suit jackets, scarves, sweaters, ties, shoes, pants, long skirts, shirts, vests, etc.)

Game Instructions:

  1. Get into teams of 2-3.
  2. When the leader says “GO”, the first person from each team will run and put one piece of clothing on from their team box.
  3. The first players will run back to their team wearing their item.
  4. The next player from each team will go and do the same.
  5. Every player will have to run through twice until all the clothing item are used.
  6. The first team to all be wearing their “Sunday Best” wins.

This game is from the Marvelous Mystery VBS program.

Dancing With the Saints

Dancing with the saints small 01

The saints loved to celebrate and praise God! They had a lot of zeal for their faith and it got them excited. I’m sure sometimes they even started to dance because they were so joyful! In this game we’re going to praise God and imagine that we’re dancing with the saints.

You’ll Need:

Set up:

  • Print the game sheets and scatter them in the games area.

 Game Instructions:

  1. When the music starts, you’re going to do your best dance moves around the circle.
  2. As soon as the music stops, you need to dance over to a saint and freeze there until a leader calls out one of the saint names: “Who is dancing near Saint John Bosco?”
  3. The kids who are standing closest to St. John Bosco are the winners!
  4. They can each get a small prize.
  5. When the music starts again, keep dancing until the leader calls out another saint.

This game is from the Radical Ride VBS program.

Birthday Buddy Gift Wrap

Every person is a precious gift from God and needs to be respected. Even though we’re all so different, God loves us all the same. This game will remind us that we should treat every person as a gift! 

You’ll need:

  • Box of party supplies (1/team) (streamers, pieces of colorful gift wrap, balloons, party hats, self-adhesive gift bows, scissors, tape, etc.)

Game Instructions:

  1. Get into teams of 2.
  2. Find out whose birthday is coming up next. That person in your team will be called the Birthday Buddy.
  3. The Birthday Buddy from each team can grab a box of party supplies.
  4. Each team will have 5 minutes to wrap their Birthday Buddy like a gift; using the gift wrap, streamers, a party hat, stickers, bows and balloon.
  5. Everyone has to use ALL the supplies in their box. (except the roll of tape)
  6. There will be prizes for the best dressed Birthday Buddy.
  7. There will also be prizes for the funniest, coolest, best teamwork, and most creative Birthday Buddy. This game is from the Birthday Blast VBS program. 

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 At Home VBS For Families

Like all of these activities? Get these and so much more with Cat.Chat's At Home VBS for Families. With the At Home VBS, you can bring the VBS experience into your home for the whole family to enjoy.

You'll get unlimited access to music, Action Song Videos, Bible Memory songs, coloring pages and printable craft activities, all from one convenient location. It's easy to use, and the amazing thing: it doesn't expire! 


Choose From 6 Themes You Know and Love

At Home VBS theme buttons 01At Home VBS theme buttons 02 At Home VBS theme buttons 03At Home VBS theme buttons 04At Home VBS theme buttons 05At Home VBS theme buttons 06


Your At Home VBS Includes

  • Action Song Videos kids can watch, sing and dance along to
  • Bible Verse Music Videos to help kids learn and memorize God's Word
  • 10 VBS songs to stream from your device anywhere/anytime
  • Printable faith and craft activities
  • Snack and game activities
  • Daily saint story and coloring page
  • Connection questions to spark meaningful conversations with your kids

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