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Get the inside scoop on everything that's going on with Cat.Chat Productions and the Cat.Chat Family. CLICK HERE to see a big announcement from the Cat.Chat Family, read Jacob's Story about how Cat.Chat has impacted his life, and discover who won a FREE VBS kit. It's all here in our March Newsletter! 


Reanne Is Engaged!

Reanne and Jacob engaged

The Cat.Chat family is expanding as they get ready to welcome a son-in-law! This January, Reanne got engaged to Jacob, who proposed to her in her hometown of Bruno, Saskatchewan at St. Bruno Church. The two will be getting married this summer and we're super excited for them as they embark on this lifelong adventure together. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to enter into this beautiful sacrament.

Scroll further down to read Jacob's Story on how Cat.Chat has impacted his life.


Fargo, North Dakota... Here We Come!

Cat.Chat Livefor web

Looking for somewhere to see a Cat.Chat Concert? The Cat.Chat family is heading to Fargo, North Dakota this April to perform at the 2018 Redeemed Conference. Hosted by the Diocese of Fargo, the conference is on Saturday, April 7th and will feature three unique Cat.Chat performances throughout the day. We hope to see you all there!

More details can be found here: Redeemed Conference Website 


VBS Contest Winner

And the winner of the free VBS Kit goes to ... drum roll please ... Misty G from Saskatchewan! Congratulations Misty! Misty won a VBS kit from our contest this past month. To find out more about special giveaways and opportunities to win free Cat.Chat product, follow us on Facebook. We host events, share stories, and provide content for parents and DRE's. Be sure to watch for our next free giveaway!

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How has Cat.Chat impacted your life?

 Jacob Powell picture

Jacob’s Story

Growing up, I was certain about two things; that Jesus was my best friend and He loved me very much. This is something that was nurtured over time, and I owe it to my parents who were intentional about raising me up in the faith. They taught me that a personal relationship with God is possible, and they emphasized the importance of being a disciple of Christ wherever you go. I remember my mother telling me a story about when I was in gymnastics class and I asked everyone, "Hey, do you know who Jesus is?" Most of the time I got a reply, but the best part was when I would jump on the trampoline, spread my arms across like a T and yell to my teacher, "Look, look coach! I’m on the cross like Jesus!" Needless to say, my ways of spreading the Good News have changed a bit since those early days.

Whether we were in the house or the car, my family almost always had the Cat.Chat CDs playing. I learned to pray the Hail Mary from listening to the Mary Leads Me Closer to Jesus CD, and for a long time, I couldn’t say it unless I was singing the Hail Mary song that I loved so much. It’s crazy to look back on those memories, because I now know that the voice singing the Hail Mary song belonged to the girl I’m now engaged to marry. Reanne (the eldest of the Cat.Chat kids) and I just got engaged at the beginning of this year, but because of that CD, you could say that I’ve been praying the Hail Mary with her since we were both in Kindergarten. It’s so amazing to see how God works!

I also grew up going to Cat.Chat concerts, and whenever the Cat.Chat family came to perform at my parish, we would host them for a BBQ in our backyard. I remember my siblings and I playing all sorts of games with Reanne, Dominic, and Jerome, from frisbee to Dutch-blitz and Spoons. Spending time with the Cat.Chat family and seeing how they reached out to thousands of kids made a big impact on me. In many ways, it felt like they could be our distant cousins, and it helped make the Catholic faith a lot more personal and real. Little did I know that many years later, I’d be marrying into the family that I’d felt close to for so many years.

I am currently studying Marketing at the University of Saskatchewan. I also play on the University soccer team, help out with Catholic Christian Outreach, and lead faith studies on my campus. If it wasn’t for the formation that my parents gave me and the impact that Cat.Chat had on my faith life as a child, I don’t believe I would be as involved in my faith as a young adult. As Reanne and I prepare to start a family of our own, I know that we’ll be wanting to instil in our children the same passionate love for Christ that we were able to experience, and I’m so grateful there are resources like Cat.Chat to help us do that.

God bless,


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